Balls Across America!

What on earth is "Balls Across America"?
"Balls Across America" is a series of civil disobedience actions involving Survivaballs. It's inspired by the Climate Pledge of Resistance and "Balls Across America" was launched in prime-time on CNN, and now will spread across the United States, in lockstep with the distribution schedule of The Yes Men Fix the World!
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Wait a second. What's a Survivaball?
The Survivaball is a self-contained survival suit that allows the richest people in the world to make it through the worst climate catastrophe. It is a high-concept, high-tech, fabulously expensive 'gated community for one.'™

What's a Survivaball really?
The Survivaball is actually an inflatable costume. Here's how you can build one!
It looks stupid. Really stupid. It is designed to get attention - stupid amounts of attention. We (the Yes Men) first used a Survivaball to impersonate Halliburton at a Catastrophic Loss conference in Florida. We gave a speech about Halliburton's plan to save the rich and screw everyone else, and unveiled this new technology. It worked so well to get media attention for the issue, that we decided to take the show on the road, and to breed these balls like rabbits.
Check out SurvivaNet for a few pictures of the things in action. Some other photos: 1, 2, 3. More soon.

So how does it actually work?
If a corporate or government policy is pissing you off and you just can't take it anymore, a Survivaball could help. They're great for non-violent civil disobedience - for example, blocking a red carpet or tumbling down the steps of the Capitol or even setting off by sea to blockade the UN.
If you go attack the nearest corporate bad guy wearing these things emblazoned with their corporate logo, you stand a pretty good chance of making a splash! (Be sure to bring your own photographer and have a press list ready.)
Another benefit to wearing one of these to protest: the authorities don't quite know what to do with you. Where do handcuffs go? Please note: the Survivaball does not really make you invincible, but it does provides symbolic protection, because even if you look stupid, cops look even stupider trying to roll you away.

How do I help build Survivaballs?
One way is to adopt a whole Survivaball. That means buying one for $1000, enough to make it, get it around the country, and then send it to Copenhagen in December for the COP15 Climate Conference. After that you, get it. (We promise to clean off the stains first.)
You can also just donate a smaller amount to buy a Survivaball volunteer a meal ($20), to ship one to the next town ($50), to ship one to Copenhagen ($80), to repair one ($120), to produce more accompanying Survivaball brochures ($200), etc.

How else can I help?
You can also just sign up on our email list. Make sure to select your city, and click the box that says "I would like to wear a Survivaball." We'll do our best to get you one, and suggest a list of targets. The rest is up to you....
You can also, if you like, set the stage for a Survivaball invasion by printing these out on sticker paper and putting them around town.... And we also have a stencil pattern! Yikes.